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Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training (SPT) // Strength and Conditioning for Athletes

We provide structured, science-based and field proven group training for athletes of all ages and levels of competition.

Power • Strength • Agility • Flexibility • Core Stabilization • Balance • Coordination • Speed

Youth Athletes – This is a crucial time for the athlete as he/she is developing the skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. We focus on building a solid foundation of athletic knowledge, concentrating on strength, body awareness and coordination while minimizing the risk of injury during season. We focus on correct form and proper running technique in a positive environment.

High School & College Athletes – For High School & College Athletes, we focus on building upon their solid foundation of athletic knowledge. We take a functional approach to developing speed, strength and explosiveness while minimizing the risk of injury during season.

Professional Athletes – Professional Athletes demand specialized training from highly qualified and experienced coaches. Past and current athletes include professional baseball, professional basketball and MMA fighters.

Private (one-on-one) and Team Training available.